Transcending Boundaries

In my previous exhibits, I stripped nudes of the usual pomp and highlighted their austere beauty (“Ode to a Beautiful Nude,” 2009) and through abstracts evoked how I resolved life’s “should I stay or should I go” conflicts (“Mind on What Matters,” 2011).

In 2012, I’ll share with you my continuing quest for personal meaning and hope it touches a chord.

“With this series, “Transcending Boundaries,” I will show breast portraits of real women, featuring the uniqueness of each sitter.”

The women of this series went through the same process of impressing their breasts on my canvas, each one transcending personal boundaries by doing so. Each painting is inspired by where the woman is at this point in her life. Because of this deeply personal connection it became clear that only they could most aptly title their own portraits. When the viewer looks past the breasts, facets of each woman may be discerned and observed. But not only do the paintings focus on the individuality of the woman, the body of work also gives a sense that all women share the same feelings, roles and aspirations. The used of mixed media highlights the idea that women escape definitions and are a composite of many qualities and attributes.


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