Mind on What Matters

The unexamined life, it’s said, is not worth living. Recently, I started to ask myself tough questions, an activity that challenged but also empowered.

“This series means a lot to me because it compelled me to face what I’d been while also helping me unravel, with brushstrokes, what I still could become . . .”

A woman who cares for herself and values relationships. Who adapts to life’s shifts, but strives to truly make the most of the ride. Who understands that the past has shaped her, though it does not have to define her.

Some of the paintings in this series are of doors. A couple of them don’t look so much like doors, but rather, they seem to be vague openings to another place. This is in recognition of the many times that my default action has been to escape certain situations instead of facing them squarely. The rest of the door paintings depict doors that are clearly shut, closing my avenues of escape. This, to me, is a positive expression of my realization that I need to stay where I am. In truth, there is no need to escape; instead, I need to change how I behave, how I see things, and more importantly, to understand and have clarity about my role in the situation.

I chose to do abstracts because this way I could express what was deep within me— with color and strokes, I convey my journey. A journey of self-questioning and discovery, a journey that does not end, but will last a lifetime.

I believe life is good and, at times, even thrilling.


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